Practice Files

Click here to find the practice files for Over The Moor.

The Practice Files are versions of the music for our concerts that can be played on Windows computers and other devices. They are intended to be an aid to learning the notes and are not intended to be a full interpretation of the music.

These files are primarily intended to help with learning the notes, so:

  • there are few dynamic markings – these are printed in your score and directed by Amanda
  • the tempo is not necessarily that which Amanda will use for performance – it has been set at a tempo to support learning
  • there could be a few mistakes in transcribing from the printed score – please let Amanda know if you find any or have any queries regarding the practice files.

The practice files are available in two different formats:

  • MIDI files – can be played on most computers and tablets and enables you to listen to the piece whilst following it on a printed score
  • Notation files – can only be played using additional software (Notation Player); as well as playing the piece, you can also follow the score on screen as it is playing. [N.B. Notation Player is only available for Windows computers]
  • mp3 files – usually contain music, but the format is also used for general audio files such as audiobooks and podcasts; can be listened to with earphones or headphones, or played through speakers via an external amplifier.

Files marked Tutti have all parts playing at the same volume so you can hear how your part fits with the others.

All other files have one part playing at full volume with the other parts at reduced volume, making it easier to pick out a part in order to learn the notes.

Please click on the relevant page to download the files you need:

Conditions of Use

The files on this page can be freely downloaded by members of the Voices of Exmoor Choir for their personal use only and members must have a legal printed copy of the matching score.

These files have either been created by Voices of Exmoor or best endeavours have been made to verify that personal downloads of these files will not infringe any copyrights.

It follows that these files should not be published or distributed in either electronic or printed format.

These files should be downloaded before playing; they should not be played directly from this website.